Kijito Wind Power Limited

Thursday, 25 Jul 2024

Since its origin, Kijito's development has been closely connected to the people we supply water to and their issues.
''Kijito'' is a Swahili word, the main language of East Africa. It means ''a small stream of water''.

Thirty years ago, water was a key issue for millions of people across Africa. Today, nothing has changed, and if anything the future looks even bleaker. Lack of Water means hard living conditions and diseases; it disadvantages economic activities, fuels tribal wars, and causes premature death. Where people lack water, they get desperate. When people have access to water, they start projects, can believe in their future, and can expect better living conditions for themselves and their children.

The projects developed within the short 30 years of Kijito's life are the best demonstrations of the values of Kijito Windpower Limited (KWPL). Providing technologically sound solutions for reliable water supplies in the driest rural areas of Africa, is one of the most difficult challenges the Continent has yet to solve.

Here is the significance of Kijito, which challenges the rural development issues.

It is a KWPL value to help meet the needs of the rural people. Water is one step to development, energy is another one. KWPL commitment helps provide the umbrella to both issues.
The development policy of the Company has been built on this strong value of acting for progress within our local and world environment. That is why collaboration with international partners has always been a priority. The Company involvement in proposing wind energy technologies for power generation results from the same logic of working for connecting people to world progress.