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Thursday, 25 Jul 2024

Wind Pumping

Capacity of storage tank, depth from ground level to water level, water amount needed, water uses... these are some kind of questions that you need to answer before starting a windpump project. From community domestic water supply to watering livestock, irrigation or wildlife water point, windpumps are fantastic solutions. Read more about it and gets our tips!

As in any wind project, it is important to gather as much information as possible about the wind resource. However windpumping does not require a high wind regime to be an efficient solution. Thanks to the multi-bladed KIJITO rotor, a gust of less 4m/s is sufficient to start the windpump rotating.. Once rotating, the minimum operation wind speed is only 2.5 m/s.

It is not necessary to dig new wells or drill new boreholes before using a Kijito. The Kijitos can pump from any existing water source. In our Enquiry Form, you can find also the information to provide before starting a windpump project. If it is also planned to drill a borehole, we can provide contacts to certified drillers.
The most important distances are 1) vertical height from ground level at the site, to the top of the tank OR highest point along the way and 2) depth from ground level to water level. Together with the wind regime, it will determine the best Kijito to use. Where the water is deep or where a large amount of water is needed, a KIJITO with a large rotor is required.

Your water needs and the storage tank capacity are also required to size the project and define the most appropriate Kijito. The size of the pumping cylinder and the tail fin position settings are complementary Kijito assets to take advantage of local wind resource specifications, meet the water needs, and ensure a sustainable water resource management.

Windpumps change radically the living conditions in rural areas. Where it was necessary to walk hours to get the water point, queue up at the community well or suffer from water restictions, windpumps enable communities to improve their organisation with respect to water access and supply. It also allows the young girls and women who are often charged with collecting the water from great distances to go to school or be involved in other more valuable activities within the community.

Not only are large amounts of water is available for domestic uses like drinking, cooking and hygiene but productive uses of water can also be enhanced. Indeed Kijito windpumps are an ideal solution for farming purposes. Windpumping secures water supply and provides the farm with adequate water amount especially if you take into account the cost of conventional pumps.

There are plenty of uses from windpumped water. Please find here below some of the most common uses of our Kijito windpumps: