Kijito Wind Power Limited

Thursday, 25 Jul 2024

Hybrid Wind Diesel

Hybrid wind-diesel is the greatest option to take advantage of a favourable wind resource and get cheap and reliable power in remote areas. It guarantees no risk of power shortage while economy and environment assets are very attractive. It is a powerful means to induce rural development.

Hybrid wind-diesel system operation is very simple: as soon as the wind is high enough, the wind turbine(s) starts operating and delivers power; immediately the power control system regulates the power output from the diesel generators so that the generated electricity matches the demanded electricity at any time. Therefore the operation time of the diesel generators dramatically decreases, expanding thereby, their lifetime and reducing the amount of diesel used.

The power control system ensures that there is no risk of power shortage; hybrid wind-diesel electricity is therefore often much more reliable the national grid electricity!

With a hybrid wind-diesel power generation scheme, diesel saving can reach up to 50%! But a hybrid wind-diesel project is not only a relevant economic strategy, it is also the best way to improve the environment friendliness of an existing power supply run on diesel or set up a new one within the highest environmental standards.
For remote hospitals, health centres, missions, small industries, farms, hotels, safari lodges, individual houses, mini-grid or large isolated grids relying solely on diesel generators, hybrid wind-diesel is an ideal option.

As any renewable energy, wind resource is subjected to variations. Some areas are subjected to seasonal variations of the wind resource. Along the day, wind might also follow a regular diurnal pattern with a peak at a specific time of the day. These are keys information for defining the viability of a hybrid wind-diesel project. We advise our customers to gather as much information as possible about their local wind resource or to contact us for further investigation. We can install a meteorological mast for on-site measurement campaign in order to guarantee project viability.

With power guaranteed at any time, cost effectiveness, environmental asset and the ability to supply any amount of power demand from a few kW to several megawatts, hybrid wind-diesel projects are a great option for rural electrification. By providing cheap and reliable electricity, they are a powerful mean of sustainable rural development. At community level, it is an ideal solution for village mini-grid.