Kijito Wind Power Limited

Thursday, 25 Jul 2024


Kijito Windpower will be pleased to assist you in developing your project.

The key step is to determine the most appropriate Kijito windpumps for your water requirements. That is why we carry out engineering surveys to evaluate the local wind and water resources, and then we propose the Kijito windpump that matches all the pertinent criteria.

Once the order is placed, only three weeks are needed for manufacturing a Kijito windpump. Therefore delivery occurs typically from four weeks to three months from receipt of 60% of total amount of quote, depending on the state of our Order Book at that time

Normally we carry out the installations ourselves, or at least send one of our technicians to assist. Bearing in mind the foundations need a week to cure, we can send a member of our staff to do that beforehand. Usually we ask the Customer to provide all the foundation materials that are required. The actual installation of the Kijito itself will take between 3-6 days depending on the size of the windpump and the depth of the Borehole. You may decide to carry out the installation yourself using our ''Foundation and Installation'' Manual. However, this can result in us having to withdraw some aspects of our guarantee if any problems that may arise in the future are as a direct result of faulty installation procedures.

When installation services are required, our senior technicians will be pleased to provide training sessions about windpump maintenance free-of-charge, during the actual installation.

Maintenance is very simple and most of our customers carry it out themselves, with the help of our detailed maintenance manual. We however also provide a maintenance service on request.