Kijito Wind Power Limited

Saturday, 15 Jun 2024

The full Kijito team are made up of 18 men and women, working in areas as diverse as making the tea and helping to keep the office clean to Peter Oyondi, our Senior Field Technician, a man who must be one of the most experienced in installing and servicing windmills in Africa. Our workshop is very ably headed up by Julius Kariuki, a highly skilled machinist and dedicated employee. Both these men have been with the Company since our beginnings in 1979, and have played a very large part in helping KWPL get to the position it is today.

Whilst everybody has their designated area of expertise, being a small Company it is policy that people can take on a variety of jobs, whether it be welding one week, to assisting in an installation the next. This policy goes a long way to ensuring that everybody understands and appreciates every concept that goes into the making of a Kijito - from the bare raw materials that are delivered to the workshop to a finely machined and fabricated windmill that can provide a new life to thousands of people and their animals.

The office staff comprises of Peter Njagi, Beth Wambui,i and Alice Wanjiru Wainaina. Peter, Beth and Alice, together with Julius Kariuki helps the Directors Mike Harries and Tracy Pallister co-ordinate the day to day running of the Company.

The Company encourages employees to further their qualifications by taking the Government Trade tests. However there is a strong emphasis on on the job training, with the Company putting attitude and motivation as important as qualifications when employees first apply. Each year an employee is awarded the ''George Anywar Award'', a highly coveted prize in memory of our Ugandan Workshop manager who was tragically killed in a road accident along with his family in the early 1980s. George's commitment and attiude to his work, colleagues and Employers will never be forgotten.